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As a resource of Artisan Alley, a vibrant artist collective that offers community events, classes, concerts, retail and a gallery space, Dimensions’ mission is to help all people live a more fulfilled, creative life while also fostering a greater artistic culture in our area and beyond by increasing access to art that speak.

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July 10th - 31st



by Diva Armas Luther


Diva Armas Luther is a digital artist and illustrator, she creates colorful prints of varied themes.  

Having a graphic design background, her work is inspired by typography and architecture magazine layouts. She grew up with influences such as, late 80's to early 2000's Japanese manga, international haute couture editorials, and contemporary political art from her home-country, Indonesia. After spending more than a decade being in different countries in Asia, she found comfort in Bloomington’s art scene and is excited to bring her own culture to the colorful B-Town. 


“Illustration is my way of untangling the messy concepts in the mind and turning it into a neat and tidy theme. Coordinating colors is therapeutic to me. Instead of painting what I actually feel, I improve my emotions by beautifying them. Typeface plays a big role on that as well. The words I’ve chosen for my artworks tend to explain what I’d rather keep in private” 


She signs all the artworks with her name, but her handle is Komik Taksa. 

Instagram: @komiktaksa

upcoming EXHIBITion

August 7th - 31st


Lydia Burris


"My aim as an artist is to explore.


I am inspired by dreams and fleeting ideas,

strange characters and ambiguous emotions.


Transformation and the idea of transience are common themes in my work.


My driving force is to carve my own winding path.

I can only hope that others may follow along and discover with wonderment,

the unexpected things I uncover."

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