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Gallery Walk, as an organization, continues to find new & creative ways to safely reach out to our community during this challenging time. Though most of our galleries have been relatively quiet in the midst of this global pandemic, we are anxiously awaiting the time when we can safely re-open our spaces to the community at large. Please take note of the events, exhibitions and locations open and available to our loyal Gallery Walk supporters. Specific information can be found by clicking on each individual gallery's page.


Untitled Light Gallery Returns with Grand Re-opening at The Mill

Opening for February Gallery Walk

It is with great honor and excitement that the Untitled Light Gallery will be making is grand reopening on February 1st from 5-8pm for Gallery Walk at the new Dimension Mill. Untitled Light, formerly known as Blueline Gallery, started 9 years ago and opened its first location on the square in the old White Rabbit Copies building on 6th street and has since moved locations, with growth, over these past years. Founder and curator, Chelsea Sanders recently moved her creative agency, Blueline, to a new space, therefore the gallery was in need of a new home. After a few discussions and collaborations with Pat East, Executive Director of The Mill and CEO of Hanapin Marketing, the new home for the gallery shows, artist talks and workshops will be at the Dimension Mill located at 642 N. Madison St., Bloomington, IN 47404. Location is conveniently located across from Upland Brewing, right off the B-Line and in the new Trades District with free parking.

The official title of the gallery will be “Untitled Light at the Mill” and will host monthly gallery openings, workshops for the community in conjunction with other events happening at the Mill, and artists discussions. The space is a visually-stunning building and the perfect new home for showcasing local, regional, and international artists. Its design marries old with new, creatively uses materials and textiles to define spaces, and maximizes the natural light of this 103-year-old structure.

Chelsea Sanders, alongside Jessika Griffin and Samuel Sween will be curating and collaborating the future shows at the gallery.


“This is another chapter for Untitled Light and I’m beyond excited that the Mill is serving as Bloomington’s center of gravity for innovators, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and creators. I’m thrilled to call the Mill home for a spectrum of creative endeavors. ”

- Chelsea Sanders, Founder of Untitled Light and Blueline

“Participating in the Gallery Walk is a fantastic way to build upon Dimension Mill's community of innovative people who love Bloomington.”

- Jessika Griffin, Community and Membership Manager of The Mill

”I'm very excited for The Mill to function as an art gallery. I think it will increase the cultural relevancy and diversity of the space—it'll help make it cool and welcoming to folks who might not otherwise come to this 'center of innovation.' It's a big, beautiful space with tons of potential in all directions, and hosting a monthly art show and participating in the Gallery Walk seems like a no-brainer. Untitled Light consistently curates cool, interesting, inclusive work, with a good crowd and artsy vibes all around, so I know it will be a wonderful partnership.”

-Samuel Sveen, Associate Community and Membership Manager of The Mill

“Art and business should live together in harmony. Why? It creates a healthy community, and it attracts and retains talent that strengthens us too. What’s the purpose of working if we don’t have art to appreciate? And how do you pay for art if you’re not working? They’re symbiotic and there’re several lessons they can learn from each other.

Pat East, Executive Director of The Mill and CEO of Hanapin Marketing

The grand opening in February will feature 8 amazing artists for the kick off:

Jeremy Hogan, photography

Holland Colvin, mixed media and collage

Priscilla Rocha, painting

Levi McGranahan, mixed media and print

Alice Knipstine, painting

Robert Stoffer, photography

Mike Waddell, photography

Olimpia Soheve, painting, photography, mixed media

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