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Engraving and Stamp Center

At Engraving and Stamp Center we believe Artists are a true gift and we want to share that with our community. Come see us on the corner of 7th&Madison today.

218 N. Madison St.    

Bloomington, IN 47404 

Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00

5-May 2023 - Joseph Cramer.jpg

Art with Lots of Heart
by Stone Belt Bloomington

Gallery on 7th&Madison at ESC



Stone Belt Bloomington

Purchase one-of-a-kind artwork created by people with developmental disabilities. All proceeds go directly to the artists. Engraving and Stamp Center is excited to bring you this chance to buy some holiday gifts for yourself and others and lift some local artists, all at the same time. 100% of your purchase will go straight to the artist who created your beautiful painting.

About the artists

Chelsea Beitler 

Chelsea Beitler has been attending the Larc arts program since 2012. Chelsea has a strong focus on her family, where she enjoys spending time with her grandmother, mom, dad, and two sisters. When not creating new works of art Chelsea enjoys swimming. 


RJ Bundy

RJ has been coming to Stone Belt since 2018 and enjoys all of the different educational programs offered in the Lifelong Learning program. RJ especially likes attending the art class where he can immerse himself in the creative process. RJ has been experimenting with different mediums and continues to grow as an artist. He also enjoys playing video games and listening to music. Some of his favorite groups include Metallica and Pink Floyd. 

Savannah DeFord 

Savannah started Lifelong Learning services in Columbus in late 2018. She is a tactile painter who is the happiest when she is working on canvas. The sensation of the canvas against her fingers connects her to the art in a way that gives her joy. Savannah gets inspiration for her art by working with the mediums to create texture and likes to fill her spare time with crocheting blankets, hats, scarves, and doll clothing. She enjoys singing with her friends and drawing with other people.

Lilly English Lily is a very imaginative and creative artist who is driven by her love of life. Stylistically she leans towards a gothic, or mysterious, style as her favorite color is black and is a primary color in all of her art. Lily is a self-inspired artist who eagerly participates in learning new genres and is very curious by nature. Lily consistently focuses on art and hopes to expand her artistry into photography next. In her free time, Lily enjoys going to the library and participating in yoga. 

Haley Franklin 

Haley, a Bedford, Ind. native, discovered her passion for art at the age of 12 and attributes much of her artistic abilities to her creative parents. She often finds inspiration for her work when learning about her favorite artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh and John Mellencamp. Although her mixed media mosaic pieces are highly coveted, her favorite medium is drawing. The sun has become her most popular subject for mixed media mosaics. Nearly every piece she’s created in this series has been sold within days of displaying.


Nichole Jones 

Nichole started services with Stone Belt in 2017 and has enjoyed creating art since the first day in the studio. She gravitates toward bright cheerful colors when she is creating her art, which is very similar to her personality.  Nicole is very interested in learning about different painting techniques.  Her hobbies include all aspects of art. Nichole enjoys karaoke, singing, acting, and spending time with her friends. She is a very detailed oriented person and takes great pride and joy in her work.

Neisha Luther 

Neisha is a natural texture artist. She enjoys creating texture with unique futuristic mediums. Neisha attends Lifelong Learning arts program and resides in Columbus with her mother. Neisha was the IPMG winner for her design in the Christmas card contest. Neisha's talents range from smash art, texture art, and mixed media combination. 


Kenton McInteer

Kenton is a 24-year-old artist who prefers the impressionist style when channeling his artistic talents. Kenton enjoys trying new mediums and techniques in the Stone Belt studio and will often use calming colors to create artwork that leaves the viewer with a sense of serenity. The calming effect combined with a sense of whimsy gives each of Kenton’s pieces life of its own. 


Brittani Parker 

Brittani gets to know people very easily and enjoys helping others whenever she can.  Even though she has developed her own independence, she still enjoys spending time with her family, who live in Terre Haute and other parts of west-central Indiana.  In her quieter moments, she likes to read and do puzzles. Her artwork is detail-oriented and meticulous and will often feature hearts – a reflection of her love of people. 


Pat Pedigo

Pat is a native of Seymour but currently lives in a group home in Bloomington. His trademark style has been described as charming and folksy. He applies his creative talent to a variety of media, including painting, drawing, stitching, and Stone Belt’s signature mixed media mosaics. He is also very active in the community, participating in horseback riding at PALS and hanging with friends at the skating rink. His artwork graced the cover of the 2014 Bloomington Chamber of Commerce Membership Guide.

Cheyenne Schlegel 

Cheyenne has created several commissioned mosaics in her time with the Stone Belt Art Studio, including one presented to Cook. Cheynne's talents expand over several artistic genres. And once she learns something she loves to teach others that skill.  


Tyler Smith

Tyler is a movie enthusiast, owning more than 500 DVDs, which is likely where he draws inspiration for some of his artwork.  Scary movies and fantasy are his favorite genre and you may see wizards and ghouls showing up in his work.  Contrary to these interests, Tyler is an easy-going and friendly guy who enjoys spending time in the art studio or learning new things in the Lifelong Learning program at Stone Belt.  In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and visiting flea markets and pawnshops, where he buys movies.

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