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Gallery B at Bloomingfoods

Gallery B inside Bloomingfoods Near West shows local and regional artists that work across diverse mediums.

316 W. 6th St.     

Bloomington, IN 47404 
Daily 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m.

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Featured Exhibit

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

July - September 2023

Opening Reception: July 7th, 5-8 P.M.


Bloomingfoods Staff Exhibit

Featured Artists: Douglas Rike, Ella Todd, Grace Richter, Jordan Maxedon, Jourdin Stephenson, Sam O’Grady, Sara Deren, Tosh Lewis, Trey Schellenberg, & Zoey Mcleod

This quarter in Gallery B is filled with a unique variety of art made by Bloomington-based artists that share one thing in common: they’re all staff members at Bloomingfoods Co-op Market. Every piece you will see displayed on the Gallery walls has been hand-crafted by some of Bloomingfoods’ talented and creative staff members, and we couldn’t be more excited about being able to help them share their art with the community.

Gallery B’s Staff Exhibit artists draw from the inspiration around them to create their pieces and have each learned to express themselves in all sorts of ways. We sincerely hope that you enjoy observing the unique differences between every expression featured in the Gallery as much as we enjoy the opportunity to share them with you.

A few of our Staff Exhibit artists have chosen to share a brief artist statement and links to their social media pages and online stores where some of their pieces are available for purchase.

You can see all their work, follow their art journeys on social media, and even view pieces available for purchase at online shops by visiting


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