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Gallery B at Bloomingfoods

Gallery B is located in the cafe at Bloomingfoods Near West and hosts local and regional artists who work across diverse mediums. Bloomingfoods believes supporting and collaborating with artists enhances their community while furthering their cooperative values. Gallery B holds quarterly exhibitions and Bloomingfoods is a proud member of the Bloomington Gallery Walk.

316 W. 6th St.     

Bloomington, IN 47404 
Daily 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m.

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Gallery B Photo 1.jpeg

Are you a local/regional artist?

Submit a proposal to display your work!

Are you an artist who would like to be considered for a future exhibit? Visit their website and fill out an application to get started! 


Bloomingfoods currently assigns gallery space on a quarterly basis. They review submissions quarterly and will respond accordingly.

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