By Hand Gallery

By Hand is a 40 year old fine arts co-operative located inside Fountain Square Mall on the south side of the Courthouse Square. By Hand features art by local and regional artists including painting, jewelry, pottery, knitting, wood, weaving, photography, glass, and more.

Inside Fountain Square

101 W. Kirkwood Ave. #109  Bloomington, IN 47404 

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Mon.–Sat. 10 a.m.–5:30 p.m., Sun. 12 p.m.–4 p.m.


Featured Exhibit

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

May 6—26, 2022




By Hand Gallery is proud to present the recent work by iron and steel sculptor Bert Gilbert. For the past decade, Gilbert has built his work on the cast iron elements he produces during his intensive, annual Artist Residency at the iron casting Sculpture Trails of Solsberry, Indiana. Using recycled iron for casting, scrap and reclaimed steel on welded pieces, and repurposed, salvaged building materials in his mixed media works, Gilbert strives to understand the inherent language in the history of the recycled items.


The artist not only forms his models and creates the molds, but he also actively participates in the team pour-casting process which seminally grounds him in the works’ creation. He states: “In my recent pieces, I have been casting more and more [plastic] packing materials. This detritus of our online consumer culture, with its soft corpulent forms, seems an apt metaphor for the empty opulence of consumerism and surely a bellwether for future archaeologists defining our culture.”


For Gilbert, the past several years have brought intimate life-altering events even beyond the pandemic — deaths in the family and retirement from his construction and design business among them. Absorbed by reflection, the artist states about his show 3AM


It’s those things you think about in the middle of the night that get scraped out of the back corners of your brain. Those things with the touch of truth and a big dash of the fantastical. The worries, the dreams, the expectations, and exasperations that flitter across the back side of our eyelids and dance a manic cotillion through our restless mind. 


The exhibit is free and open to the public.