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Monroe Convention Center

Featuring the work of artists from Monroe County and showcasing a number of nationally recognized local artists in its Permanent Art Collection.

Located in the Rogers Gallery
302 S. College Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47403

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Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m


Featured Exhibit

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Opens September 1, 2023

       ARTIST RECEPTION - Friday, September 1,  5p - 8p

            AND - Friday, October 6, 5p - 8p

Brent Sievers & Linda Sievers:

His and Her Abstracts

Brent and Linda Sievers share a love of art. Throughout their marriage, they have been supportive of each other’s work. Currently they both use abstract styles in their creative process. Brent’s paintings are influenced by observations made in natural and urban landscapes as well as from his work as a chemist. Linda is an intuitive painter relying mostly on what happens in the moment. They share a studio in Bloomington, IN. Together it’s a creative life.


About Brent

I create art from the energy I experience in the world around me. My artistic process involves translating my mental experiences to sketches. Once these sketches define the feeling I’m trying to achieve, I then attempt to transfer this feeling to the final work of art. Layers of color, lines, shapes and texture impart a tension that exists on and beneath the surface of the work. Areas of paint are reworked many times and scraped away to reveal the thoughts beneath. My goal is for all of this to come together creating a compositional rhythm which builds in interest with repeated viewings.


About Linda

As an intuitive painter, I try to give myself the latitude to go with what comes.  I want to explore ideas while getting lost in the creative process. Oftentimes I don’t know what my own visual voice is going to say until it starts to appear. I work in acrylics because this medium allows me to add and subtract layers and get a little messy. Spray paint is often used as a foundation color because of the structure it provides.  I make marks with chalk, graphite, pastels and other tools to give my work depth and interest. As I work, I’m always thinking about shapes, lines, color and their interrelationship. I’m searching to see if something dynamic is starting to happen. Nature has an influence as does everyday life experiences.

Instagram brentsieversart

Instagram lindasieverstudio

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