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Featured Exhibit

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

MAY 4-JUNE 26, 2022



What My Eye Sees

Ralph Zuzolo, Photographer

Ralph considers himself a landscape, travel, and street photographer, capturing a moment in time as his eye sees it. He looks for patterns, repeating shapes, shadows, and shades of gray to make our everyday view of the world more interesting and to tell a story. Although there are several color images in this exhibit, Ralph's use of color is rare and only appears when the color elements add weight to a photograph's impact. Given his background and experience in documentary and educational media production, Ralph cannot help but be a storyteller with a journalistic or fictional point of view. He strives to minimize digital post-production techniques when creating the final image as a way to preserve his original vision.


A resident of Bloomington for thirty-five years, Ralph holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Motion Picture and Television Production. He was the Director of Media Production for Instructional Support Services at Indiana University, a Writer/Director for the Media Production Unit at Iowa State University, and the Producer/Lab Instructor in the Cinema and Photography Department at Ithaca College. He has also been an Instructor of Film and Television Production at Bowling Green State University. Before starting his graduate education, Ralph carried tripods, adjusted focus, and loaded film cameras as a freelance assistant cameraman in New York City. In 2016 Ralph completed his production career as the Still Photographer in the IT Communications Office for University Information and Technology Services at Indiana University. His film and video work has received numerous awards in national and international competitions, including three CINE Golden Eagles—two Eagles were awarded to Indiana University. Ralph continues to practice photography while wandering in the United States and internationally in retirement.