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Monroe Convention Center

Featuring the work of artists from Monroe County and showcasing a number of nationally recognized local artists in its Permanent Art Collection.

Located in the Rogers Gallery
302 S. College Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47403

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Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m


Featured Exhibit

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Through June 30, 2023

ARTIST RECEPTION - Friday, June 2,  5p - 8p

Patsy Rahn Photography:

Magic in the Mundane

       In this exhibit, Patsy tries to reframe the ordinary. There is magic in the mundane all around us. Each of these images is what she sees through her camera lens, and aside from possible cropping, the images have not been manipulated.
       For many of Patsy’s photographs, the light on a subject attracts her. She likes to capture the play of light, dark, and reflection. Patsy is interested in the micro and macro, and she loves the exploration of the abstract in the natural world. Her goal is to capture the mystery of the moment as it appears in that instant.
      The photographs in the galleries SKY, NATURE, and OTHER on Patsy’s website have not been manipulated—
but in the SPX Gallery, some photos of everyday objects have been manipulated to create new images. These are part of her Alchemy series.


       Photography website: Skillfully Curled Photography                          

       Patsy was an actress in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles for many years. In Bloomington, she was a
founding member and chair emerita of the Writers Guild at Bloomington. Patsy’s poems and prose have been published in various journals and anthologies, and she gives public readings. You can find Patsy’s readings on her author website, the NPR radio show 'Poets Weave', and on YouTube.


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